Hermetic UTImeter is a portable equipment that can optimally measure the tank content for both oil tankers and chemical tankers. Designed and manufactured by Honey Enraf Tanksystem in Switzerland, Hermetic UTImeter provides the best and most accurate solution on the current marine equipment market. It is capable of recognizing 3 in 1 content: air, water and liquid inside the tanks. In addition, the usage is very simple with convenient strap for the user.

The product is recommended to use in combination with HERmetic Compact Valve to ensure the most correct measurement, avoiding all dispute happened due to miscalculation. However, in some cases clients use other manufacturers such as MMC, the UTImeter suppliers can adjust the device to be applicable with the clients’ valve.



Warning: The supplier will not bare any responsibilities whatsoever when using Hermetic UTImeter in combination with valves originated from unknown sources or from China. Kindly contact us to receive consultation and best price for your valves.

Please contact with us to get the discount.