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Oil Transport

Transport of petroleum products is a key activity of JSC Shipbuilding plant supplies Phu. Our current fleet consists of 02 double hull Handysize vessels Full certification of maritime safety as well as specialized, transportation of petroleum products (CPP) throughout Southeast Asia, with a tonnage of 5000 - 6000 tons ...

Marine Equipments

An Phu committed to providing supplies and spare parts for ships with the most abundant species, the most dedicated service and the most reasonable price. Besides me, there Phu company repairman team skilled, experienced ready to serve the needs 24/7 as troubleshooting, maintenance of main engine, generator ...

Heavy Lift Services

With a team of professional drivers, professional, dedicated and with years of experience. An Phu Co. ready to serve the needs of intermodal cargo-lifting type, multi-weight wherever by crane tire for construction projects, emergency rescue, installation frame workshop, .. .

Hermetic UTImeter

Measure current oil equipment Hermetic UTImeter is defined liquid volume for both tankers and chemical tankers. Designed and manufactured directly by corporations Honeywell ENRAF Tanksystem SA in Switzerland, the Hermetic UTImeter measure provides optimal solutions and the most accurate on the market today marine equipment ...


An Phu About us

Anphu Marine Engine Materials Joint Stock Company was founded in 2004 with a team of experienced and specialized staff in marine engines, shipping equipment and rough terrain cranes. Now, over ten years in the industry, the firm has achieved notable success, gradually developed it’s AN PHU brandname and has a diverse clientele.

In 2007, witnessing the dynamic of domestic shipbuilding industry and the birth of Dung Quat oil refinery, the company has decided to build its very first CPP tanker – M/T An Phu 16 - with capacity of 6000m3. This marked an important milestone for the company’s oil transport section. AN PHU JSC created and is maintaining strong impression with top clients such as PVOil, Sinopec, Vinapco, Mipec, KPM within Vietnam and across Asia. In the near future, the company will continue to invest into newer and state-of-the-art tankers in order to exploit its competitive advantage to the max.

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